Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

wills / trusts / probate

Most people do not like to think about dying. Consequently, frequently, people procrastinate considering or even discussing arrangements for passing on their property to their heirs or descendants or entrusting others to have control and responsibility for their property or their children, and so do nothing until it’s too late. A person must be mentally aware and competent to execute legal documents such as a Will, a Trust or even deeds that can have the legal authority to direct or convey or instruct what one wants done with one’s property or children after one is no longer able to actually say so. These arrangements or documents require forethought and careful consideration and eventually discussion with an advisor who has your best interests at heart and can consider confidentially your concerns and objectives. However, such decisions MUST be made and should be long before a life event intervenes that might prevent proper deliberation and execution. So, don’t put it off.

Mr. Bell is very perceptive and adept at crafting an appropriate document, such as a Last Will & Testament, a Revocable Trust or a Transfer on Death Deed or some other instrument that achieves the client’s desired objectives.

Business Organizations

Sometimes, when acquiring property or properties or going into a business or a profession, it may be advisable to form an entity such as a corporation, a subchapter S corporation, a limited liability corporation or partnership, or a general partnership or limited partnership. Each type entity has its own strengths and useful features as well as tax consequences, so the choice of which entity to utilize is important. There are also questions of patents, trademarks, copyright, liabilities and such things as d/b/a’s to be aware of. Organizing the entity and getting it off on the right foot of documentation of minutes and resolutions and registration is very important to the question of providing protection against legal or financial liabilities. Then the entity must maintain its records regularly and correctly going forward.

real estate

Before you sign a contract or some other document that has, or may have, legal consequences, please bring it to Mr. Bell for his review. It’s so much easier to achieve what’s right and fair for you before you sign your name to a document. This can apply to conveying or acquiring any interest in real estate, an offer to buy a home or a farm or ranch or a business, anything that involves a large financial commitment and a lengthy time for performance. Mr. Bell can usually save you enough to cover the expense of his advice and involvement. Most contracts have a number of items or terms that are negotiable and can result in an improved deal for the client. Let Mr. Bell prepare, or at least review, all your documents such as deeds, contracts of sale or purchase, promissory notes, deeds of trust, liens, release of liens, powers of attorney, whatever is needed.


oil & Gas

Mr. Bell grew up in the Permian Basin of West Texas. His early law practice experience involved doing title work for oil companies for division orders or for securing oil & gas leases. Again, there are many areas contained in such instruments as oil & gas leases or pipeline easements for negotiating improved terms in order to improve the deal for a client, so please do not sign or accept any instrument in a mineral matter without having it reviewed by an experienced attorney, in advance. His advise and assistance can usually make your deal better.


“I walk in the way of righteousness, along the paths of justice, bestowing a rich inheritance on those who love me and making their treasuries full.”
— Proverbs 8: 20-21